People, Planet & Technology #12

Ahoy folks 👋

it's been quite a while since the last issue, but there are again a lot of best recommendations from me. Before we start, I would like to recommend these 3 to you:

Deutschlandfunk's interview with Edward Snowden is extremely worth reading. Not only did some mercurial things happen during the interview, they also talked about "real" patriotism and the importance of whistleblowers.

A friend of mine, Mr. planet friendly web Chris Adams, spoke at the Heart of Clojure conference about what software contributes to global heating and how we build software to have less impact on our environment. The slides of the talk are awesome... have a look at them.

I'm a big fan of The Beam magazine. A publication featuring interviews, perspectives and articles from global experts in the field of climate action and sustainable development. Now there's The Beam for the ears, too: Anne-Sophie Garrigou and Anna Siwecka talk to guests about various topics, such as energy access, women empowerment, sustainable cities, circular economy, etc.

Enjoy this issue...

🌍 Planet

💻 Technology

🦸‍♀️ People

  • Follow Becky. She is a UXer and wildlife conservationist from the bottom of her heart and makes remarkably fresh projects involving Animal-computer interaction (new word learned 🥳) and Data Viz stuff.

  • Ever thought about having a sixth sense with which you can feel electromagnetic fields? Charlotte can do that and reports about it on her website. Pretty freaky, isn't it? But she's not just doing it for fun, she's also researching the possible uses for people with sensory disabilities.

👉 Miscellaneous things:

  • A ggplot2 Tutorial for Beautiful Plotting in R

  • Rise Of The Chief Ethics Officer (Forbes)

  • Collection of resources, services, products, and ideas that you can use to improve your impact on the environment

I hope you enjoy this issue. I'm very interested in how you found this issue, please answer three questions or just reply to this mail.

Enjoy the readings,
and thanks again for being a part of this. 🙌

Take care.