People, Planet & Technology #13

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phew... what a year-end sprint: between Christmas and New Year I was invited to talk about the sustainable web at the annual congress of the Chaos Computer Club. It was my first congress and so my senses were completely overloaded ;-) All talks were recorded and can be watched for free. Some recommendations I have summarized in an article. You can see my talk incl. slides and ressources on

For the first issue in 2020 I have chosen two, in my opinion, particularly important lead topics:

The Future of Cities
For hardly any other sector is the climate crisis associated with so much effort and complexity: They have to develop plans and visions today that will still be able to cope with completely different climatic and technological conditions 30 years from now. As always, there are cities that "simply do it" and are pioneers, such as Copenhagen. Such plans can have a lot of effects, they can not only have a negative impact on the environment, but also on our physical and mental health. And, of course, a lot of data is used and collected for this purpose. Johannes Klingbeil used a whole newsletter on this topic (text in German, but most linked articles are in English).

Protect childrens privacy
At the end of last year I learned a new word: Sharenting. This term refers to the violation of children's privacy by their parents. Who hasn't heard of it? Parents who publish funny, cute and above all very private photos of their children on social networks. Whether this child in 10 years, these pictures still find funny and cute? What effects this can have on children and what risks the careless handling of private data of children can have, you can read here and here. Please read and think about it before you post a photo of your children next time.

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