People, Planet & Technology #7

Ahoy folks 👋

Phew, there hasn't been an issue for pretty much 30 days. Sorry, but a bit has changed for that. For you. Because apart from some new subscribers (Welcome, nice that you're here with us!), I don't send this letter with Revue anymore, but with Sendy. The great thing is that it is now on my own server and your data is no longer somewhere in the world, but with me and only with me.

Besides, I now can remove the fancy design. Because on the one hand the newsletter now looks like it is meant, a personally written mail, but much more important: it doesn't waste so many resources with nice design anymore but is minimised to the essential. Because that saves CO2: data = electricity = CO2*

*Sounds interesting? If you are in Berlin this weekend, check out the Bits & Bäume conference. The first conference on technology and sustainability in Germany. I speak on 17.11. (Saturday) at 18 o'clock about how we can make the web planet friendly. If you are there, please write me. Then we will have tea together.

That's one of the reasons why this issue will be a bit shorter. I am up to my neck in the preparations for the weekend. But of course I still have some links to People, Planet and Technology worth sharing for you...

👉 Miscellaneous things:

I hope you enjoy this issue. I want to encourage you to send me your feedback via mail (just reply), twitter or carrier pigeons 🐦.

I would be pleased if you would share my small but nice newsletter with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Just share this page:

I hope to see you at the Bits & Bäume in Berlin. And if not we will reread each other very soon... 🙌

Take care. -Niklas